Montluc - The world's finest diamonds

Montluc - The world's finest diamonds


Grau was approached by the team behind Montluc to help create a new luxury brand from scratch. A new visual identity was developed alongside with UX and Design for the digital presence but also designing the packaging in order to create a world class buying experience. A very challenging and fun task. 

Montluc has been created with the mission to transform the world of diamond jewellery.

Creating a user experience for the quality concerned buyer. Montluc is the go-to place when you want to treat a loved one (or yourself) with the world’s finest diamonds.

Buying diamond jewellery is notoriously complex. Are you getting the high quality you expect? Are you getting value for money? Are you buying something as deeply special as you want it to be?

Grau helped creating a site that act as the guiding light when shopping for diamond jewellery.

Quality in focus

Making the product a true hero, we put a lot of effort in creating an elegant and minimalistic approach to product presentations. With stand-out product photography and simplistic user flows together with an elegant visual identity we feel that we achieved what we were going for.