Struggling with an outdated website, Telenor turned to Grau for new insights and ideas. The collaboration resulted an entirely new conceptual direction for Telenor, setting the stage for a much stronger brand impact, bolder design with new communication possibilities.

At the center of the new concept lies a completely revamped e-commerce solution, created in collaboration with Antrop.

The concept was delivered as prototypes with detailed design specification accompanied by a new set of UX principles.


Based on conversion rates and user testing, Telenor realized its e-commerce solution was in need of a major rebuild. Grau, in collaboration with Antrop, created a completely new concept for product presentation with much simplified user flows – from first impression to end of purchase.

Mitt Telenor app

With the new digital direction, Telenor felt its customer app – Mitt Telenor – was lacking in design and feature execution. Grau together with Antrop created a greatly simplified app experience with a bolder design.