Multidisciplinary boutique agency driven by the belief that great, functional design makes a difference for your brand and business.

We are Grau
An independent Design Agency in Stockholm, Sweden. We are very passionate about our craft and our clients and we really, truly love design of all sorts and great customer experiences.

Our belief is that good functional design makes a big difference for your brand and business. With creativity, passion, strategy, curiosity and craftsmanship we create solutions that will stand up to your challenges – today and in the future.

Together with our clients we build outstanding brands and customer-centric solutions that will enable the end-user to understand the full potential of any brand, digital product or service. We deliver first class digital experiences including UX & Digital Design.


"Design is a discipline of study and practice focused on the interaction between a person — a ‘user’— and the man-made environment, taking into account aesthetic, functional, contextual, cultural and societal considerations. As a formalized discipline, design is a modern construct.”
– International Council of Design

In a broad sense we truly agree but we emphasize more on the functional aspect. Functional design to us means that besides being esthetically great and match the perception of the audience, it also has to provide guideance and direction. Taking it one step further we even strive to connect design with business goals. This is why our offer focus on Branding + UX/UI + E-commerce.

A selection of clients

AMF Fastigheter, Apohem, Amfora, Bodystore, Corpia, Ericsson, Fundrella, Gymgrossisten, Harald Pihl, Head Agent, Indiska, Insurely, Kapero, LRF, Minirodini, Montluc, Peltarion, Plantagen, Safello, Savannahs, SEB, SJ, SL, Splay, Stark, Stormgeo, Svensk Elitfotboll, Swedavia, Telenor, Tentipi, Ticket, Vattenfall, Vélosophy, Villa Källhagen

Look. No. Further.

Feel like working with a creative boutique agency that put you as a client and your business in focus? We love helping clients with all types of challenges - from branding to experience design for digital interfaces. Reach out to us and we'll tell you more. If you are a creative spirit that have what it takes to work at Grau we would love to hear from you also.

We help you reach business objectives through UX/UI & immaculate e-commerce design. Get in touch and we'll tell you more over a lunch or cup of coffee. 

Are you a best-of-breed designer?
We're always on the lookout for new talent if the timing is right. Reach out.

Do you know what it takes to create top shelf e-com solutions and world class brand sites? Reach out and let's talk.


For New Business enquiries:
Fredrik Gille

Career / Visual Design:
Jan Nilsson
Creative Director

Career / UX Design:
Samuel Gidlöf
UX Director

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