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In the world of E-commerce, there's no one-size-fits-all rule for success. Every online store is like its own unique character, just like the diverse bunch of customers it serves. We are big believers in making the customer journey the star, blending it with a special brand experience. The goal is to create value and trust from the first interaction with potential customers, guiding them smoothly through an easy-to-use experience until they become loyal fans. Having a user experience that's carefully designed, researched, and tested is super important in the competitive online world. For existing stores, we know tricks to make people spend more, hang out longer with your brand, and become loyal customers – all by analyzing and improving the user experience.

We are Grau, and our mission is to help e-commerce businesses step up their online game – improving the shopping experience, boosting sales, and keeping customers happy. With over 20 years of experience, we've helped build some of the strongest e-commerce brands in Sweden. We have worked with various online store systems like Shopify, Salesforce, and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), adapting to different types of businesses and customer needs.

Choosing the right online platform is a big deal in e-commerce success. Our design solutions match the online platform, data analysis, and the goals of the business. We are here to build a solid online foundation, giving you a competitive advantage through research, prototyping, and cutting-edge design, all backed by our deep e-commerce knowledge.

We know Design for E-commerce.


Behaviour & data

We will help you create an excellent e-commerce foundation, secure a substantial competitive advantage from research of existing customers and data.

¬ UX principles and design patterns
¬ Design based on behavior analysis and best practices
¬ Design for retention and loyalty

¬ Design based on existing data
¬ Suggest improvements for measuring
¬ Design and test for conversion

Brand, business & organization

We design for your brand, your business and your organization.

¬ Create an e-commerce reflecting the full online experience of the brand on all levels without any compromises in performance

¬ Design for business goals
¬ Create design and UX with KPIs and optimization in mind
¬ Design for campaigns and offerings
¬ Design for SEO to increase organic traffic

¬ Design for editors and stakeholders
¬ Design for both existing and upcoming content, both rich brand media, texts and product information & specifications


In e-commerce, platform and ecosystem are two of the most important elements for success. Therefore we always design for the tech stack and give recommendations if needed.

¬ Design for platform specific out of the box-functions and features
¬ Enhance functions by design to fit the experience wanted
¬ Design for Third-party applications like search engines, product recommendations, social media (UGC), payment providers and shipping solutions


Some of our most common deliverables within design for E-commerce

¬ E-commerce Audits
¬ E-commerce UX
¬ E-commerce Design
¬ Conversion Optimization
¬ E-com Know-how
¬ Data insights & analysis

E-commerce platforms

We have worked with numerous of platforms, both headless and monoliths.

¬ Salesforce
¬ Adobe Commerce (Magento)
¬ Shopify
¬ Optimizely
¬ Sylius
¬ Woocommerce

A selection of clients

AMF Fastigheter, Apohem, Amfora, Bodystore, Corpia, Ericsson, Fundrella, Gymgrossisten, Harald Pihl, Head Agent, Indiska, Insurely, Kapero, LRF, Mini Rodini, Montluc, Peltarion, Plantagen, Safello, Savannahs, SEB, SJ, SL, Splay, Stark, Stormgeo, Svensk Elitfotboll, Swedavia, Telenor, Tentipi, Ticket, Vattenfall, Vélosophy, Villa Källhagen

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