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A management consultant agency specialized in Marketing, Communication and Media. Kapero stand out not only by their style and appearance but also by the way they carry out their business. Based on their engineer background they deliver the benefits of great consultancy without feeling like typical consultants, they truly get to know their clients on all levels, not just management without any trendy jargon. And as they say themselves ”The project isn’t done when the deck is delivered. It’s done when we’ve helped the organization to absorb it and become more efficient, more effective, and even a little bit happier".  

Being highly competent engineers and working as management consultants together with a somewhat trendy and almost laid-back approach we created a completely new look for Kapero. We focused on creating a bold statement logo that really stand out in the management consultancy industry. The overall look and feel is a minimalistic and borrderline brutalistic, focusing mainly on yellow/white/grey together with some popping accents. The identity and web has created exactly the effect Kapero was looking for - they stand out in the category and now look as they act. 


The founders engineering heritage shines through in the mechanical appearance of the bold maque. Paried with the contrasty yellow/black color scheme the Visual Identity stand out in the management consultancy landscape.


The Visual Identity and web site has created exactly the effect Kapero was looking for - they stand out in the category and now look as they act. 

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